Find files with a specific 2-line pattern using awk

May 7, 2014 in answer

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If your version of grep supports PCRE mode (-P) you could try a multiline match that finds instances of @BOND that are followed (after only a newline) by @SUBSTRUCTURE e.g.


The Q and E may be unnecessary in this case but are intended to force literal matching (in case @, >, < have special meaning in the Perl regex syntax). The -l tells grep to list the matching files instead of printing the match.

You could express the second part of the match as a lookahead but I don't think it has any advantage in this case


Equivalent expressions in pcregrep (which is not part of the standard Ubuntu system, but obtainable from the repository) would be something like



pcregrep -lM 'Q@BONDEn(?=Q@SUBSTRUCTUREE)' *

You can then use the list of files as an input to the mv command e.g.

grep -lzP 'Q@BONDEnQ@SUBSTRUCTUREE' * | xargs mv -t /path/to/newdir/

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